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The World of Nintendo Book Volume 1 (Available now!)

The World of Nintendo Book Volume 1 (Available now!)

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A visual history of Nintendo merchandising, Volume 1.


An untold story in Nintendo’s history…  

Discover the vibrant history of Nintendo merchandising with this awe-inspiring introductory volume!

In 1987 Nintendo transformed retail stores into immersive, animated wonderlands eventually known as the ‘World of Nintendo’ with the help of NES Merchandising Inc (NMI) and their team of over 150 merchandising experts. Years of research and interviewing former Nintendo employees and industry associates has unraveled the hidden secrets to Nintendo’s early success at retail. This book takes you on a journey through this exciting time, with never-before-seen photos of unforgettable displays from store setups and trade shows. QR codes placed throughout the book will link stories to video clips of unseen footage of this forgotten era. Whether you’re a Nintendo enthusiast, collector, or just fascinated by the golden age of interactive store displays, this book is a must-have.

This is a 240 page hardcover book.

Example chapters:

A Star is Born - Introduction to Nintendo Merchandising.

World of Nintendo - What it was really all about.

Turn on the Power - Photos and descriptions of displays produced through 1990.

Game Boy - Special chapter on Game Boy displays.

Suppliers - All about the companies who created the World of Nintendo displays.

Promotions - Displays used in promotions in advertising, grocery stores, and the NWC.

World Class Service - Nintendo's repair service history and displays.

Around the World - Photos from Europe and Latin America

Coming Soon - What's in the next volume?


Please note that this book has not been authorized or endorsed by Nintendo. All registered trademarks, photos, and artwork used in this book are the property of their respective holders and are used here under Fair Use.


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